Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Quote of the Day (Jason Gay, on the Knicks, ‘The New England Patriots of the Self-Inflicted Disaster’)

“[T]he [New York] Knicks, as presently constituted, are a regular and deeply appreciated source of unintentional comedy. Despite playing in the best basketball city on earth, there is no common-sense scenario the Knicks cannot hilariously bungle. Over the past couple of decades, this franchise has become the New England Patriots of the self-inflicted disaster. It would be insincere for me to not acknowledge this levity has an upside. These are challenging times, and when the news is mostly grim, like it is now, we can always laugh at the Knicks, habitually walking straight into a screen door.”—Jason Gay, “Knicks Let Spike Lee Walk Out the Door,” The Wall Street Journal, Mar. 6, 2020

Knicks management does an excellent job generating laughs without outside assistance, thank you very much. But if you need more chuckles beyond what they (or Jason Gay) can provide, then you’ll watch to see this hilarious YouTube clip urging Jim Dolan to “Sell the Team”. (There’s even a tune to this effect, done to the tune of “Let It Be!”)

(A tip of my cap to my college friend—and fellow longtime Knick sufferer—Mike R. for bringing this to my attention.)

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