Thursday, September 12, 2019

Quote of the Day (Rick Reilly, on the ‘Price of Greatness’)

“The price of greatness is more than you want to pay. The world's most legendary athletes are usually the ones most wildly out of balance. Michael Jordan had to crush you, whether you were an opponent or teammate. The thousands of hours Peyton Manning pours into every season would make you quake, then quit. Andre Agassi grieves, to this day, the childhood he gave up while hitting over a million practice balls. Enjoy your heroes, but don't envy them.”—Sportswriter Rick Reilly, “Some Truths I’ve Discovered,”,  Apr. 23, 2014

More than a touch of envy came out among many football fans when Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts announced his retirement. They simply could not understand how this 29-year-old quarterback could walk away from the game during the same year that 42-year-old Tom Brady seeks his seventh Super Bowl title. 

But the price Luck has already paid for his short period of greatness has already been steep: sprained shoulder, lacerated kidney, partially torn abdominal muscle, torn cartilage, concussion, and calf strain. And constantly, of course, the pressure to come back, even if he wasn’t quite his best, only to hear the boos of uncomprehending and undeserving fans…

(Photo of Andrew Luck taken on Sept. 18, 2016, by Jeffrey Beall.)

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