Friday, June 8, 2018

Photo of the Day: Chess Board, Rockefeller Center, NYC

The onset of warmer weather, as I indicated in a post the other day about an outdoor food festival, has brought with it a slew of activities to enjoy in the open. Rockefeller Center, where I work, is no exception. There are Friday morning concerts on the Today Show and Fox and Friends.

Outside my building today, on the way to the subway or subway concourse, I beheld a different sign of summer leisure: a chess board. Its pieces were not the small kind that rest easily on a table, but oversized. They need to be on the ground. 

At the start and end of my lunch hour, when I took the image accompanying this post, the size of these pieces clearly attracted onlookers. They couldn’t wait to try their hand at moving the pawns, knights, rooks, bishops, king, and queen.

New York is all about making one’s move when lighting upon an unexpected advantage—not unlike chess, played for lower stakes but far more fun, outside in this sunlit space today.

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