Sunday, August 27, 2017

Quote of the Day (C. S. Lewis, on the Intellectual Life as a Road to God)

“We can …pursue knowledge as such, and beauty as such, in the sure confidence that be so doing we are either advancing to the vision of God ourselves or indirectly helping others to do so. Humility, no less than the appetite, encourages us to concentrate simply on the knowledge or the beauty, not too much concerning ourselves with their ultimate relevance to the vision of God. That relevance may not be intended for us but for our betters– for men who came after and find the spiritual significance of what we dug out in blind and humble obedience to our vocation. The intellectual life is not the only road to God, nor the safest, but we find it to be a road, and it may be the appointed road for us. Of course it will be so only so long as we keep the impulse pure and disinterested. That is the great difficulty.”— Christian apologist and novelist C. S. Lewis (1898-1963), “Learning in War-Time,” preached at St. Mary the Virgin Church, Oxford, Oct. 22, 1939

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