Friday, March 10, 2017

Photo of the Day: Washington Lake, Township of Washington, NJ

Last weekend, on my way to a movie in the Township of Washington, NJ, I saw a side street that I had never previously noticed. What drew me to it was a sign for a public library (something that always gets my attention). But when I looked in that direction, I saw something I expected less: a body of water.

When I had a chance to wander over there, I saw a sign saying that Washington Lake was private. (When I returned home, I found on the Internet a real estate listing claiming that this was the only private lake in Bergen County. I can’t verify that this is the only one, but it is certainly a rare private lake in this area. ) 

The strip of land immediately surrounding the 29-acre lake is restricted to members of the Washington Lake Association Inc., a New Jersey nonprofit organization that has owned and managed it since 1947. (On the Internet, I've also seen it called Schlegel Lake--though, I gather, Washington Lake is how it's more commonly referred to.)

In any case, I took this picture from beyond the fence, on a clear late winter day, with brown earth, bare trees and a lovely blue sky.

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