Thursday, February 2, 2017

Quote of the Day (Drew Barrymore, on Friends Who ‘React With Grace’)

“I remember the lesson when I was very young that there is always enough room for everyone to have what they want and they need and they work for. I have only become the person I am proud of through my friendships, and I've chosen to follow people that I admire and think behave and react with grace.”— Actress Drew Barrymore quoted in Kathryn Shattuck, “Drew Barrymore's Next Act: Suburban Zombie,” The New York Times, Jan. 29, 2017

I am grateful for the friends in my life who act in a similar way, and I wish the same for anyone who happens to read this.

(Photo of Drew Barrymore at the London premiere of Music and Lyrics was taken by Caroline Bonarde Ucci in April 2007.)

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