Thursday, March 17, 2016

Photo of the Day: Making Green From the Wearing of the Green

If I’m to believe the Fox News ticker outside my Rockefeller Center building (I know—a big “if”), 150,000 people were expected to march up Fifth Avenue in this most recent St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The past several years, I’ve  had a minimum of 10 people between me and the barricades on the parade route, so today I used the excuse of running (admittedly necessary) errands so that I didn’t even attempt to get close to the event.

Late in the afternoon, though, I still saw large groups of fellow Irish-Americans in green in Times Square. And, as you can see here, in this photo I snapped just before it began, Irish-like, to pour, there was at least one vendor out there hoping to cash in on the residual foot traffic.

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