Friday, March 25, 2016

Bonus Quote of the Day (Christopher Buckley, Imagining President Trump on His First Lady)

“So what do you think of your new first lady? I picked Moronia— what's your name, honey? Melania, right. Great name. I just picked Melania here from a very wide selection of possibilities—not just because the sex is incredible but because this nation wants and deserves a trophy first lady.  When everyone sees our first lady standing next to some other first lady of another country, the wife of a premier or whatever, they’ll want to go to bed with our first lady, not the other one. So the American people no longer have to worry on that score. And if they get tired of her, not a problem, because chances are I’ll be tired of her before they are. And we’ll get a new first lady. Trying to keep North Korea from getting the bomb, maybe that’s a problem. Finding a new first lady? Trust me, not a problem.”Christopher Buckley, “Trump: The Inaugural," originally published in The Wall Street Journal, reprinted in Buckley’s But Enough About You: Essays (2014)

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