Saturday, November 21, 2015

Photo of the Day: St. Peter's RC Church, Capitol Hill, DC

Earlier this week, while on vacation in Washington DC, I spied, just south of the Capitol building, the structure you see here, and took its picture. The sight of it made me feel oddly at home.

This was not only because St. Peter’s on Capitol Hill is a Roman Catholic Church, but also because the granite and marble building struck me as similar to the one in my home parish, St. Cecilia of Englewood, NJ. (Oddly enough, St. Cecilia’s Academy in the capital was associated with St. Peter's until it was sold to the Library of Congress in 1991.)

Though the church was originally organized in 1820, the present building was dedicated 125 years ago this Monday. James Cardinal Gibbons, the influential Archbishop of Baltimore, blessed its foundations.

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