Friday, October 2, 2015

Photo of the Day: Calm Harbor, Beaufort, SC

The coast communities of South Carolina and Georgia certainly have their beauty, but every time I hear of a tropical storm developing from August to October, I immediately start to worry that these areas may be affected. This week, with Hurricane Joaquin blowing up the coast, was no different.

These last couple of days, my mind drifted back to a vacation nearly a year ago, when I visited the lovely town of Beaufort, along South Carolina’s Low Country. (See this for just one of several posts I wrote on this place since that short visit.) Fortunately, according to this latest news report, Joaquin is not expected to inflict significant damage on the area, though a double red flag warning is serving as an advisory to people not to swim unless they have a board or floatable device tethered to them.

Good advice.

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