Sunday, September 13, 2015

Quote of the Day (Martin Luther, on Faith, the ‘Yes of the Heart’)

"Faith is the 'yes' of the heart, a conviction on which one stakes one's life." —Martin Luther, sermon for the Sunday after the Feast of Circumcision, January 4, 1540, Weimar Edition, Volume 49, quoted in Grace A. Brame, Faith, the Yes of the Heart (1999)

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Adolfo said...


If Faith is the 'Yes' of the heart, then Reason is the 'Conviction' of the mind. Martin Luther was precursor of the Reformation. Today in the 21st century, we no longer believe that we need to buy indulgences to shorten our stay in Purgatory. In fact the Church has said there's no Purgatory. And there's no Limbo either. Now the Pope says Heaven is not a place but a state of grace. Next question is, Is there a Hell?