Sunday, January 11, 2015

Quote of the Day (Bill Bradley, on the ‘Spiritual Concerns of American Citizens’)

“People are looking for a new story for their lives and for the nation’s life. In some cases, the spiritual concerns of American citizens have been too easily discounted. The so-called Christian right, a mainstay of the Republican coalition, has been exploited for the past couple of decades by economic conservatives, but it wants an America where morality isn’t derided but rather encouraged. The so-called Christian Left, for a generation more absorbed in the politics of foreign policy than in political action at home, wants a society more just in its distribution of goods and services. There is greater agreement between these two camps than has been admitted by the other. I sense that all across America, among people of all creeds, there is a search for something deeper than material well-being.” —Former Senator (and basketball legend) Bill Bradley, Time Present, Time Past: A Memoir (1996)

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