Thursday, September 25, 2014

Quote of the Day (Gay Talese, on an Earlier Yankee Hero and His Fans)

“The banners had been held by hundreds of young boys whose dreams had been fulfilled so often by [Mickey] Mantle, but also seated in the grandstands were older men, paunchy and balding, in whose middle-aged minds [Joe] DiMaggio was still vivid and invincible, and some of them remembered how one month before, during a pregame exhibition at Old-timers' Day in Yankee Stadium, DiMaggio had hit a pitch into the left-field seats, and suddenly thousands of people had jumped wildly to their feet, joyously screaming—the great DiMaggio had returned, they were young again, it was yesterday.”—Gay Talese, " 'Joe,' Said Marilyn Monroe, Just Back from Korea, 'You Never Heard Such Cheering.' 'Yes I Have,' Joe DiMaggio Answered," Esquire, July 1966

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