Monday, August 11, 2014

Movie Quote of the Day (‘A Hard Day's Night,’ In Which George Comments on His ‘Do)

Reporter (played by Marianne Stone): “What would you call that hairstyle you're wearing?”

George Harrison (played by himself): “Arthur.”— A Hard Day's Night (1964), screenplay by Alun Owen, directed by Richard Lester

This is not, truth be told, my first post about the film that added a whole new dimension to Beatlemania (see this one). But, with the 50th anniversary of the classic film’s premiere in New York City here, the urge was irresistible to allude to it again.

“Mop top” is the most common label for the Fab Four’s hairstyle. As it happened, the first member of the “Beatles” to adopt it was then-bassist Stu Sutcliffe (who died tragically in 1962), who was given the tonsorial look by his girlfriend in Hamburg, Germany, in 1960. Among the group members who eventually became famous, it was George who first requested this style for himself.

What I like about the quote from the film is how it reflects that George, the “quiet one” of the Beatles, also possessed a sly sense of humor. In a way, it also demonstrated his response to the media’s obsession with this non-musical aspect of the group’s vast influence. At a New York press conference in 1964, asked where their haircuts came from, George answered, with typical cheekiness, “our scalps.”

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Anonymous said...

My "do" is named Evangeline.
John Lennon was murdered the week I turned 19. On my birthday proper I went for a long walk along Central Park West, and came upon the memorial. Thousands of people filled the streets, thousand more were coming over Central Park's walls, many wearing outfits from their youth. I spent quite a while working my way to the center of the crowd. The sidewalks moved beneath my feet. Lampposts bent beneath the weight of people climbing them. It was definitely the moment that I realized just how much difference one person can make on this planet.