Saturday, July 5, 2014

Song Lyric of the Day (Marc Cohn, on the ‘Ghost of Elvis’)

“I saw the ghost of Elvis on Union Avenue
Followed him up to the gates of Graceland
Then I watched him walk right through.”—Marc Cohn, “Walking in Memphis,” from his CD Marc Cohn (1991)

Today marks the 55th birthday of Cleveland-born singer-songwriter Marc Cohn, whose Best New Artist Grammy win in 1991 derived in no small part from the smash hit "Walking in Memphis." He has never had such a powerful single since, but for those who’ve heard the song, it really doesn’t matter.

The song is about more than The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and his influence, whether alive or dead. It’s about the transcendent power of music to sustain, even transform, a human life when it needs it most.

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Anonymous said...

Favorite lines from old fav of mine. Happy Belated 55th Marc. Have to head over to You Tube and play it once or twice.