Friday, March 15, 2024

TV Quote of the Day (‘The Carol Burnett Show,’ As a Visiting Friend Disrupts Mama’s Family)

Thelma "Mama" Harper [played by Vicki Lawrence]: “It is people like her that are causing the downfall of this whole country. If I was your mother...”

Midge Gibson [played by Joanne Woodward, pictured right]: [interrupting] “Well, you are not my mother, Mrs. Harper, so I have no emotional objection to punching you right in the nose!”

Mama: “Are you going to let her talk to me like that, Eunice?”

Eunice Higgins [played by Carol Burnett, left]: “Go, go, go.”

Midge: “Now I have made many mistakes in my life, but I have never been deliberately malicious and cruel and if you're an example of decency, sister, thank God I'm indecent and you…”

[referring to and pointing at Ed, Eunice's husband]

Midge: “... you weren't so high and mighty in high school when you…you were in the back seat of that convertible with me on that double date with Gigi and—and—and you practically tore off my best sweater!”

Eunice: “Oh, Ed!”

Midge: “Yeah! I finally got away and after that, he ran after Gigi! Jim had to throw him out of the car! Oh, Eunice, I'm sorry.”

Eunice: “Oh, shoot. Who cares? I'm just surprised he ever had that much energy.”— The Carol Burnett Show, Season 9, Episode 21, “The Family” sketch, original air date Feb. 14, 1976, directed by Dave Powers

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