Sunday, September 3, 2023

Spiritual Quote of the Day (Fr. Charles O’Donnell, on St. Mary and Her Child)

“Deftly she handled the distaff,
And happily whirred her wheel
As the Child came down from the doorway
And ran at her side to kneel.
“ ‘Mother,' He said as He watched her
There while she sat and spun,
'Some things are more fair than I dreamed them
The day that I made the sun.
“'And you are My heart of all beauty,
My star of all seas, of all lands—'
'Hush, Child,' whispered Mary His Mother,
Her tears falling down on His hands.”—American poet, army chaplain, and educator Fr. Charles O’Donnell (1884-1934), “The Spinner,” originally published in A Rime of the Rood and Other Poems (1928), republished in The Poems of Charles O'Donnell, CSC, edited by George Klawitter, CSC (2010)
The image accompanying this post, Mary and Elizabeth Spinning, was painted by a master of the Nuremberg Marienaltars (ca. 1400).

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