Sunday, February 23, 2020

Spiritual Quote of the Day (St. Thomas of Villanova, on Humility, ‘Mother of Many Virtues’)

“Humility is the mother of many virtues. From it spring obedience, holy fear, reverence, patience, modesty, mildness and peace; for whoever is humble easily obeys everyone, fears to offend anyone, maintains peace with all, shows himself affable to all, is submissive to all, does not offend or displease any, and does not feel the insults which may be afflicted upon him. He is happy and contented, and in great peace.”—Spanish Augustinian friar, preacher, religious writer, archbishop, and “Father of the Poor” St. Thomas of Villanova (1488-1555), quoted in A Year With the Saints,

translated from the Italian by a member of the Order of Mercy, Mt. St. Joseph's Seminary, Hartford, Conn. (1891)

The image accompanying this post is Santo Tomas de Villanueva, by Spanish painter Francisco Camilo (1615-1671).

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