Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Photo of the Day: The Magic of Mariachi

Over the years in New York City, I’ve seen dozens of musicians out on the streets. However, oddly enough in a city with a sizable Hispanic population, I’d never seen a mariachi band.

What I saw yesterday morning surpassed even that: not just a mariachi band, but an all-female one. This group (in the photo I took here) turned up on Times Square, where they were being interviewed by a Spanish-language TV station.

I could not positively identify the band, or even the TV station/show interviewing its members. However, when I searched Google for three search terms (“Times Square,” “mariachi” and “female”), the most common set of results I got was Flor de Toloache, a New York group.

Did any of my readers see this group yesterday? Was it, in fact, Flor de Toloache?

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