Sunday, April 16, 2017

Quote of the Day (Anne Lamott, on Christ at Easter, ‘Resurrected and Broken’)

“The thing about Easter is that Jesus comes back from the dead both resurrected and broken, with wounds from the nails still visible.  People needed to see that it really did happen, the brutality, the death.  He came back with a body, not like Casper or Topper. He didn’t come back as the vague idea of spirit returning. No, it was physical, a wounded body. He had lived. He had died, and then you could touch Him, and He could eat, and these four things are as bodily as life gets.”—Anne Lamott, “Falling Better,” in Small Victories: Spotting Improbable Moments of Grace (2014)

(The image accompanying this post is a detail from the painting Resurrection, by the Italian Renaissance master Piero della Francesca.)

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