Monday, August 22, 2016

Quote of the Day (Delia Ephron, on Customer-Service Hell With Verizon)

“At some point during my day on the phone with Verizon, at least two hours in, I had to go through all their prompts again. I yelled at the prompts. Prompts are sinister, because after Verizon disconnects you, you have to call back and obey the rules to get to anyone again.”— Delia Ephron, “On Hold With Verizon,” The New York Times, Aug. 20, 2016

I suspect that more than a few people will identify with Delia Ephron’s rage against Verizon. I had my own horrifying experience with them just a few weeks ago, leaving me in the same state of sputtering rage that she describes.

You would think that improving customer service would be a priority for the company. You—and hundreds of thousands of other Americans—would be wrong, however. The company’s arrogance has grown with its size. We will see how long it takes before consumers begin to punish them for their ways.

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