Friday, November 28, 2014

Photo of the Day: Tree-Lined Walk, Forsyth Park, Savannah GA

Yes, I know I had a post yesterday on this beautiful urban park. But the splendors of Forsyth Park in Savannah are multitudinous. 

The most obvious ones, as seen in this other photo I took two weeks ago on a day trip to that coastal city, are the trees with Spanish moss that form a canopy over walkers; the people from all walks of life who throng this long walk leading to the  park’s equally stunning fountain; and the faith that the park’s early planners had, in the mid-19th century, that, despite the weaknesses of man in civic society (including their own lack of recognition of the evils of slavery), the residents of the city would still find a way to preserve the best of themselves, in harmony with nature.

(I have another, personal reason for liking this picture: the presence of a relative who shall remain nameless!)

But I know you can find plenty more wonders of your own, besides these, in this picture and this park.

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