Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quote of the Day (Archbishop Timothy Dolan, on His Responsibility—and Ours)

"My mission is to remind New Yorkers that they must welcome God to this ‘capital of the world’ as warmly as they have welcomed so many others."—Archbishop Timothy Dolan, “It's a blessing to be here: Why I'm proud to lead the wonderful Archdiocese of New York,” The New York Daily News, April 15, 2009

Welcome to the Big Apple, Archbishop Dolan. One word of advice: No matter what you might have experienced in Milwaukee and elsewhere, it will be like nothing you’ll experience here. I hope you’ve got a flak jacket under your clerical robes—you’ll need it.

In the meantime, while many will disagree on some or most of your stands, I hope you’ll stick to the more detailed part of your mission that you outlined in your Daily News op-ed:

“Loving the Church here means supporting her indispensable work caring for the poor, the immigrants, the sick and elderly, the lonely, the unborn and the abandoned. It means working hard for her Catholic schools, in many ways the pride of the archdiocese….It means speaking from America's most famous pulpit for justice and peace, for religious liberty and the sanctity of all human life.”

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